Pastor Danny & Steph

In 2017, God called Danny and Stephanie to Thibodaux to serve as Lead Pastors of TFA Church. Danny and Stephanie have a passion for people! Stephanie is our Admin Pastor & Danny is our Lead Pastor. 

Olivia Baker

Olivia is our Worship and Media Pastor at TFA Church. She loves people with her whole heart and loves to serve those in need. Her vision is to see the lost saved and people encounter Jesus through worship.

Taylor & Garrett Ruff

Taylor and Garrett are our Next Gen Pastors. Their hearts for children and young people is truly amazing, and they want to see the gospel of Jesus Christ preached in our entire community.

Molly Manning

Molly is our Bookkeeper at TFA Church. Her drive for excellence to serve the local church helps our church thrive to see people saved. We are better because of her leadership! 

Erin Mula

Erin is our Daycare Director. She is an incredible leader and loves to serve the local church and families all across Thibodaux.